Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Favouring Fuschia

 I don't particularly like fuchsia plants but I adore the colour.  I've always loved pink and any pink heading towards the shade of fuchsia is fine by me, especially when it's in...

these gorgeous Coniston towels which are available here 

and this cute print of a pink mini from Annechovie

or this lamp from Furbish
(I know its not practical to buy a lamp from the US but Furbish has heaps of other stuff so go have a browse) 

and Peonies which come in many shades of pink as well as white. They are flowering now, so if you want to buy some for a reasonable price, head to your local flower markets.
and fuchsia pink Ikat print cushion covers from my store

plus Sedum 'Autumn Joy' pictured in my garden last Summer. 

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