Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Bedroom Online

Earlier this year, I helped our eldest son Nigel and his wife Mel, decorate their study/guest room. Mel said she liked blue and white with a touch of turquoise. Never one to be fearful of colour, I added some orange!
I am completely addicted to online shopping so decided to source as much as I could this way.
I only just got around to photographing the room over the weekend so here are some pictures and a round up of what I bought and from where.
Nigel had already painted the room white and made the navy padded headboard for the double bed. The bedside tables came from Whiteport. I chose them because I love the funky shape and glossy finish. The white Montauk bedspread and perspex tissue box (on the desk) came from there as well. The orange, navy and magenta throw came from Black & Spiro.

The room, which was once part of the original living room, is quite small but has a large window facing the street. Privacy was essential, as was warmth (they live here in the mountains) so we decided on plain but heavy, off white curtains with a navy trimmed, soft pelmet. I organised the making of the curtains because Nigel and Mel are of a generation who think such things only come in packets!

The little silver birds came from Brown Button Trading.
The lamps, onto which I glued the turquoise ric rac, came from Ikea.

To hang above the bed, I chose 3 simple, but beautiful prints from Kerri Shipp's Driftwood Interiors. Kerri does gorgeous work and is soon to launch a new website.

The old timber desk was an ebay find for $235. It was stained dark brown so I had it painted white and replaced the brass handles with chrome.
Nigel chose the office chair from Matt Blatt.

The print of the Amalfi Coast, just above the desk, as well as the orange and blue ones on the wall came form Anne Harwell's Annechovie. Again, gorgeous stuff and very reasonable postage from the US. Square ginger jar came from Ada and Darcy and orange glass pieces are from my own collection.

The clock and mirrored frame (the latter containing a picture of  Nigel, aged 16, *meeting Nelson Mandela) came from The White Shed
Not surprisingly, the cushions came from My Cushion Covers.
*In 2000, when Nelson Mandela was visiting Sydney for the Olympics, Nigel was chosen as one of a dozen or so students from around NSW, to accompany NM on a private harbour cruise. Much to their delight, the students spent the whole time listening to and talking with the great man. Truly, an unforgettable experience.

My Assistant

Tess insisted on helping me with almost every shot!!!



  1. Looks fantastic! Torquoise is everywhere in my house, i love it. Just starting to experiment with orange too.

    1. Thanks Edwina,
      Orange was big in the 70s (mixed with brown and yellow, yuk!) so you'll probably find plenty of bits at garage sales and the like.

  2. What a gorgeous job you've done, it looks fabulous! And thanks so much for the mention - it's always lovely to see my art in its new home, especially one as beautiful as this :) K xx

    1. Thanks Kerri,
      It was such a pleasure dealing with you so I'm glad you like the room. All the best with your new site.

  3. WOW! What a gorgeous room with so many personal touches. And some purchases from some of my favourite shops!!

    How gorgeous are those silver birds?? unfortunately we can't get them anymore. they were certainly popular little things - they look fabulous is this room, thank you so much for the mention xx

    1. Thanks Kimberlee,
      I'm sorry I took so long to do the room but as often happens, life got in the way. Yes the birds are sweet and I can understand them selling out. I'm glad you like the room.

  4. So so pretty Miss Gingham. I'm sure they were well pleased. Lovely the colour combo - and the cushions of course! cheers Wendy