Saturday, November 10, 2012

Companion Chair


On the weekend Mr Gingham and I took this chair up to Russell and Nelly's at Orange. It's an Australian Jarvi chair from the 1950s which Russell bought a few months ago and I had re-covered. I forgot to take a 'before' picture but suffice to say it was covered in peach velvet!
Forgive me for not moving the old blanket box, which is currently doing duty as a coffee table, out of the way before taking the picture.

The table had been kicking around our loft for at least the last 10 years so I gave it to them on the condition that Russell paint it black. I was surprised to see he'd found time between work and uni to do so but was pleased he had. I love to see old furniture given a new lease of life.
Russell and Nelly have rather conservative taste and weren't sure about the little bit of green and turquoise (which I find somewhat tame) in the cushions, but as is so often the case, they liked it when they saw it.
Russell bought the cow hide during his jackarooing days but had never used it. I was delighted when he dragged it out (boy is it big) because it really brings the room together.
The other side of the room still needs some attention but all in good time. They were only married a few months ago so I think they're doing pretty well.


  1. It looks lovely. Have been admiring your garden. Its gorgeous. You obviously have the touch! G.x

  2. Looks great! The cow hide is fantastic too, I love them. My brother had a tan and white one growing up and I always wanted to nab it. I saw them in Ikea last time I was there!! They must have come into fashion.

  3. Hi Pamela - I've dropped over from Edwina's blog.
    I was so excited to see your gorgeous chair!! We have two *unrestored of course* which I have had for about 20 years after inheriting them from an uncle. I have always planned to get them re-upholstered. Having favoured red leather for years, I'm thinking otherwise having seen how lovely yours looks. Currently they are cream vinyl!?
    cheers Wendy

  4. I love it all Pam, that table takes on a whole new life painted black.
    I especially like the Jarvi chair and that fabric - pretty colours.
    In my twenties I lived in Sydney for three years and was invited to spend a weekend on a property out of Orange. We had such a great time - I'll never forget it. The Australian outback has always appealed to me for some reason and I loved those books by Mary Durack "Kings in Grass Castles" etc.
    Shane ♥