Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Climbing Roses

New Dawn
I love climbing roses and find them easy to grow. I can't think of a prettier way to decorate the outside of a house, garage or shed than with a gorgeous, repeat flowering, perfumed, climbing rose.  
 William Baffin
Climbing roses resist fungal diseases better than shrub roses because they are up away from the worst of the humidity where the air can circulate freely. 
This is 'Pinky' and 'Minata' growing both sides of the trellis in the garden next door to us. I can smell their lovely perfume through my kitchen windows.

And this is 'Lamarque' growing over our house. Since taking this photo we have pruned it severely so we can paint, but it will only take a year or two to reach this size again.
Lamarque is a big rose with a fresh citrus scent and blooms the colour of clotted cream.
Also growing in my garden are 'Crepuscule' (on the left) with 'Red Pierre' on the right. There's a light blue clematis growing with Red Pierre and a dark purple one with Crep. Both are in bud and should flower soon. As I said, I love climbing roses!


  1. Your garden is really, really beautiful. I think I've already said that but some things are worth repeating!

    1. Thanks Edwina, it's amazing what you can achieve once your children leave home!

  2. I'm with Edwina, your garden is stunning and yes, I think I have said that before too! I love climbing roses and crepuscule is one of my favourites. It smells divine!
    Ps regarding your question about foxgloves, yes, they are chronic self seeders. The first year I had them growing all through the lawn. Whoops. Lyndon was not impressed :)

  3. I'm with you all too - those roses are just gorgeous. cheers Wendy

  4. Oh Pam, your climbing roses are a wonderful sight.
    I'm very fond of the old fashioned roses and Lamarque is one of my favourites.
    Your garden is such a joy to visit - I'm imagining the wonderful fragrance too - it's not hard with those beauties!

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  6. Sorry Shane, I posted your last comment twice, hence the deletion.
    I also love the old fashioned roses and Larmarque is one of the best. Did you know it's considered delicate in the UK? I think it would take over our house if it weren't for the possums who help with the pruning. That's one photographed sitting in Lamarque on the right side bar. Sunny is fascinated by them.