Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Poor Little Bubbie

Haven't visited blog land much lately because I've been very upset about an accident suffered by the newest member of our family.  I don't know the exact details, but our grandson was at his other grandma's house when he came in contact with what must have been a very hot oven door. As a result, both his hands are badly burnt.

Here is the little cherub on his way home from the burns unit of Westmead Children's Hospital. He has one arm in plaster to the elbow and the other in plaster to the shoulder. Look at that tiny thumb poking out of the cast.

I know children, especially boys, have accidents, and it could have been much worse, but I hate to think of the treatments he still needs and his poor parents having to watch their baby go through it.

I love him so much I wish I could swap places with him.


  1. Oh no!!

    Poor little bubba! He is so cute and I am sure it would be so upsetting for everyone. I really hate oven doors, and when my boys were little I was always hunting them away from the hot door. Sometimes they would get a little burn, but not like that.

    My brother put his hand on a wood fire door when he was a baby and he ended up with a badly burnt hand. You wouldn't know it happened now, he didn't get terribly scarred.

    I feel so sorry for your little grandson, it would be hurting quite a lot.

    1. Thank you so much for your concern. Our babies are so precious.

  2. The poor little angel. My thoughts are with you all. I bet the other Granny is beside herself. Keep us updated. Ending lots of healing hs way. Sx

    1. Yes she does feel awful, but at the risk of sounding judgemental, I do wonder why, when someone minds a baby for such a short time, they find it necessary to make macaroons with a baby crawling around the kitchen!

  3. Oh dear, that's awful. The pain he must be in, poor little guy. I hope he improves very quickly x

    1. Thanks Sarah. He goes back to hospital on Monday for another ordeal. He keeps trying to suck his little thumb but the plaster prevents him reaching it so, I think his mum is going to ask for it to be adjusted which will hopefully give him some comfort.

  4. Oh Pam, I'm so sorry.
    I know that feeling and any one of us would willingly offer to change places with him.
    It must be so upsetting for you seeing your darling grandson like that and for his parents of course.
    Take care all of you
    sending prayers and gentle healing hugs your way dear Pam.
    Much love