Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Decluttering Bug

I think I must have been vaccinated against this at an early age because until recently, I've never caught so much as the mildest case.
But on the weekend, we took part in a garage sale and I can tell you it felt wonderful to get rid of so much stuff. 
We dragged things down from the loft. Things I'd forgotten we had and other stuff, like the carnival glass jug, that I never did like but kept for years because someone gave it to me.
We hung pictures on the walls of the garage - my idea, typical! 
And got rid of goodness knows how many presents we'd been given over the years. Why do people give homewares to decorators? 
I've developed a serious dislike for candles, sorry, 'home scents' so it was good to see the back of these.
Not to mention this pair of giant jute tassels, 
 this old gate, 
 a bag of tangled diving gear, 
and a couple of rather small tents.
Well, I'm happy to say we are now the proud non-owners of much of the above. So that's the loft sorted, just have to get stuck into the rest of the house!


  1. I am not good at throwing things away, so I am impressed by your efforts. The gallery wall looks very professional!

  2. Wow - well done Miss G. I'm impressed.
    I'm sure your buyers were happy! cheers Wendy

  3. Yes. Well done. Clearing clutter of stored 'stuff' feels wonderful. We need more of it here. Much, much more. X kl

  4. You did so well Pam!!
    I know that liberating feeling - it's marvellous.
    I need to climb the ladder to our attic and do the same - I've got boxes and boxes from the old house - some haven't been opened since we moved!
    I think March could be a good time for our clean out!!!
    It's our National Day here today - Waitangi Day!

  5. It is funny how one persons junk is another persons treasure - glad you had a successful sales day, but how clean and tidy your garage is.