Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog

I never intended being away from blogging for so long, but after I finished my cancer treatment last year, I felt so tired I lost interest in most things including posting on and reading blogs.

Now, feeling much better and wanting to start afresh, I asked the lovely Katrina from MerdiaMaid to design a new blog. Katrina is not only the sweetest person (we all knew that from her time on The Block) but I also discovered she is very, very patient with customers who change their minds again and again!

Miss Gingham is my ebay ID and the name many of my customers call me. Gingham has special significance for me because it featured heavily in my first shop which I opened in Sydney's Paddington more years ago than I care to remember. I used to team it with little floral Liberty prints in patchwork quilts, lampshades and of course cushions.

Sunshine, Flowers and a Pretty Girl

I can't think of a better place to start my new blog than sitting on the front deck with my favourite girl.....
enjoying the fresh flowers we just picked from the garden.

On Monday I'll be showing you some pictures of a gorgeous chair I recently had recovered.






  1. Dearest Pamela
    Oh it was WONDERFUL to see your 'Mountain Living' blog pop up again!!!!!!
    WELCOME back my dear dear friend - YOU have made my day....

    I've thought about you so often, thinking about the ordeal you were going through and just wishing there was something I could do for you. If only I had lived in the Blue Mountains too.
    I'm sure you have been very well cared for by your dear family and friends.

    One of my closest friends has been fighting her own battle over the last two years, so I'm aware of how hard it must have been for you.

    A new blog and a fresh start, it's Spring and that gorgeous bouquet of flowers from your garden, your sweet friend Sunny sitting beside you... I hope these things make you as happy as I am to have you back again.
    Bien fait mon ami
    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  2. Thank you Shane for your lovely comment. It is you who have made my day!
    I am so sorry about your friend. I also have a dear friend who was diagnosed a year after me, but where I got better she got worse and is now in palliative care. It rips my heart out to see her looking so tiny. I'll be visiting her tomorrow and taking some of her favourite David Austin yellow roses.
    Give your friend lots of love. P xx

  3. Oh Pamela, I am SO HAPPY to see you back! I have been wondering how you are, almost too scared to write to you as I know you were so tired and drained the last we 'spoke'. But you sound great - that's fantastic. I'm so pleased for you.
    I just read your comment above, I'm so sorry for your friend. It must be terribly difficult for you.

  4. You are back to the world of blogging! Congratulations on your successful cancer treatment, and indeed, it is quite fitting for you to want a fresh start for everything. Well, you got the right person to handle your blog design. Miss Gingham will surely be remembered! :)

    Sage Aumick